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Guts of a Virgin (1986) Guts of a Virgin (1986)
Shojo No Harawata
1. Entrails of a Virgin
2. Entrails of a Whore
Kazuo KOMIZU (aka GAIRA)
Kazuhiko GODA
Taiju KATO
72 mins.
Guts of a Virgin (1986)

Despite the best efforts of author Jack Hunter to intellectualise this one with phrases like "a bleak, muted document of sexual hysteria with hallucinatory montages" (in Eros In Hell, 1998 - published by Creation Books), what we have here is a piece of unadulterated über-exploitation.

The crew and models of an erotic photo shoot hide out in a deserted house at night after dense fog makes the country roads inaccessible. There, they embark on power games and lengthy sex sessions (voluntary and otherwise), while unbeknownst to them a monster risen from a nearby swamp is creeping up on them.

Since sex and death are always an effective combination, this monster is not only out to kill every single member of the party by any means available (including but not limited to shards of glass, meat hooks and jackhammers), but also to rape the females with the rather gigantic organ dangling between its legs. Cue a million sexual positions, gouged-out eyes, girls covered in monster cum, decapitation, masturbation with a severed arm, a fistfuck ending in disembowelment and more of the like.

Director Komizu, working under his usual pseudonym Gaira, is one of the modern-day masters of the ero-gro genre and if one summarises the film's contents, he certainly seems to deliver here. If the term 'erotic-grotesque' is to be interpreted literally, then Guts of a Virgin goes far beyond. This splatter/porn flick is too far gone to be either erotic or grotesque. 'Graphic-absurd' would be a more appropriate label. Because for all its sexual and violent explicitness, it is above all absurd, due in no small amount to a ridiculously laughable monster, which in actuality is little more than a naked man covered in grime and mud, with a huge fake penis tied in front.

As a result, Guts of a Virgin sounds more offensive than it is. Yes, it will be met with more than a raised eyebrow by the uninitiated, but hammy acting, clumsy direction and special effects, and none too subtle Eirin censorship (the hardcore close-ups are all there, only resolutely fogged), drastically diminish its impact. Guts of a Virgin almost works as absurd comedy, but those looking for the ultimate porn/horror kick will be better served by a double bill of Deep Throat and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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